Case Studies

Case Study

GeoThermal Product Animation

Client Needs: A GeoThermal company (Terra Source) came to us looking to create an animation on how their new energy efficient GeoThermal heating and cooling system works. They needed a full demonstration from how it is installed to how the system operates with a voice narrative. One of the most important aspects of their product was the do-it-yourself installation capabilities. The budget for this animation was to not exceed $5000 and the video was to last no longer than 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

GIS Virtual’s Solution: Terra Source was very particular on how they wanted the animation to look. Upon the detailed discussion, we agreed that they would put together a script for us to work off of. Once the script was approved GIS Virtual team went to work. We modeled a house to show how the geothermal system is installed and what is involved in this step-by-step process. To save some design time GIS Virtual proposed to use a stock model of a house instead of doing a custom design. TerraSource supplied us with multiple photographs of the components from finished packaging to fully installed systems. We custom modeled the water tubes (coils), a manifold, water heater, heat pump, various valves, and a thermostat. Following the script, we compiled a detailed animation that showed how trenches were to be excavated, loops placed in the ground, illustrated different kinds of installation and finished with the entire system connected and components in place.

Results: This animation video is now the first item you see when you visit TerraSource’s website. It used for their basic marketing and product demonstration needs to help consumers understand how the system is installed and operates.