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Do you have AutoCad, Sketches, Images, Plans of the project you would like to render?

  • If they are not AutoCad’s, what software are you using?

How detailed do you need the rendering to be?

  • Will certain textures, materials, colors, etc, need to be obvious (visible) in the rendering?

Will this be a photorealistic rendering?

  • If so, do you have high-quality photos of the surrounding area?

How is this rendering going to be used?

Types of Renderings:

If rendering an exterior of a structure:

  • How many facades of the structures will need to be rendered?
  • If they have an AutoCad, are there elevations available?
  • Do you have references to specific materials, colors, etc, picked out for the exteriors? (If so, please attach them to this form.)
  • Will there need to be landscaping to any surrounding vacant area visible in the rendering?
    • If so, are there photos of the vegetation indigenous to the area?
    • Do you have a landscape plan?

If rendering interiors of a structure:

  • How many spaces will need to be rendered?
    • Will there need to be renderings from multiple angles of each space?
  • Do you have floor plans of each space being rendered?
  • Do you have an interior design?
    • If so, which references are available for each interior space?

If rendering a site plan from a bird’s eye view:

  • Are there elevations included with the AutoCad of each structure to be rendered?
  • Are there references to each item to be rendered in the site plan?
  • Will there need to be renderings of the surrounding areas?
    • If so, do you have photos and current Google Earth coordinates?

If rendering a product prototype:

  • Do you have references to all materials to be used for this prototype?
  • What is the functionality of the prototype?
    • Will the rendering need to demonstrate its function?

For animation requests only

Do you have a script?

  • If not, will you write one or would like us to formulate one?

How long would you like the animation to be?

What is the purpose of the animation?

How will this animation be presented

Please upload your images, CAD files, drawings, scripts or any other pertient documents or visual references you would like us to consider. Please note that the each file size limit is 10Mb. Please call us if you need to send larger files.

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