Virtual Remodel

Contemplating a remodel but question whether it will look the way you are envisioning? Virtual remodeling with us allows you to realistically see how the space will look before you start the process. This option allows you to save time and money; it also gives the option to make design changes before you move forward with the remodel. Whether the remodel is removing a wall or completely changing the interiors, we can deliver a realistic vision of the outcome of your remodel.

View our portfolio for samples of our virtual remodels.

What we need to virtually remodel your listing:

·         Close-up photos of any important elements of the room, i.e. fireplace, built-in cabinet, architectural column, etc.

·         Direct photograph of each wall in the room looking straight at it to avoid the “perspective” effect as much as possible

Please contact us for more information about virtual remodeling or to begin the process of remodeling your space.

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